Pa-li Tchi

"The power and the art of fire."

Pa-li Tchi are the longest running Czech art group engaged in performances with fire, light and pyro effects. Shows of Pa-li Tchi first developed in 2000 and since that time they have carried out more than 550 successful performances in the Czech Republic and abroad (Spain, Poland, Egypt, Slovak, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Faroe Islands, Kuwait and India). Their choreography have been developed after many years of training, testing and modifications which, by performing in different environments, they have honed to precision. Pa-li Tchi are tirelessly traveling and discovering new horizons in their approach to fire within foreign cultures and working to develop new techniques, props, and compositions. They cooperate with ethnic musicians from all over Europe.

Fire shows in the concept of Pa-li Tchi perceive their dances with fire as a unique art that combines dance, North Indian Banethi fire art, acrobatics, various control techniques, fiery "instruments" (flaming swords, wings, rods, fans and steel waves) often having roots in martial arts and dynamic fiery circles of beauty which play with the contrast of light and darkness. They fill spaces with music and blend modern choreographic concepts and the grace of dance with the strength and dynamism of traditional martial arts - Banethi, Maori poi and Kung-Fu. Thanks to their own original music, which is composed directly for individual numbers and choreography, and played on ethnic musical instruments, they create and perform an impressive fire show which culminates in an interconnected energetic totality. Shows can also be accompanied by other specially composed live music.

Their Light UV Light Show using modern LED technology is based on the same principles of movement and choreographic conception of art as the fire show and is particularly suitable for indoor spaces. It is based on the beauty and dynamism of dancing circles of light and on the play of colors in connection with their mastery of movement techniques. Using UV reflective flowing materials gives different dynamics that enhances the beauty of smooth circular movements. The light show culminates in the highly impressive effect of 'comets,' specially developed for interior or indoor pyrotechnics.

Pa-li Tchi is the only company in the Czech Republic to implement a professional fire show which is compositionally and choreographically connected with pyro-effects. They work with masters in their field: FLASH Barrandov FX.

Fireshow (Pa-li Tchi)
Light UV Show (Pa-li Tchi)
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