Yellow Sisters

"Four voices, four hearts, four approaches to grasping melody, rhythm, mood and the creation of music."

Yellow Sisters is a female vocal group whose singing passes with ease through the genres of soul, funk, R & B, world music, jazz and reggae. The Yellow Sisters are sound magicians. Experimenting with melody and rhythm, they persistently seek new ways of working with the voice. Their genuinely original production makes them the most original Czech a cappella group.

Since 2005, they perform in concert halls, theatres, clubs, as well as at various festivals, whether music (Colours of Ostrava, Reggae Meeting, Sázava Fest), theatre (Summer Letná, Between Fences), or film (Karlovy Vary, MOFFOM , One World Finale Plzen, AniFest), at social events and ceremonies, exhibition openings and city festivals. In addition to their homeland, Yellow Sisters are well known in the Slovak Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Sweden and Spain, the Canary Islands and in Gambia.
Key events at which Yellow Sisters were featured include the launching of the One World film festival, the live TV broadcast of a significant awards ceremony, a recording grant awarded by the Ministry of Culture, performing in the BBC documentary Michael Palin's New Europe, hosting the show CT Night with Angel, performances in the large hall of the Lucerna with the world famous Blind Boys of Alabama, a song on the occasion of Bobby McFerrin's concert at the Prague Congress Centre, an hour long show on BBC London radio, and performing at the Czech Ball in Brussels on the occasion of the inauguration of the Czech Republic to head the Presidency of the European Union (2009), where they performed in costumes made by the designer Liběna Rochová.

During their colorful artistic career, Yellow Sisters collaborated with the singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Petr Wajsar alongside Jaroslav Dusek, a blind African singer Solo Dja Kabak, with film composer Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, and with Magic Band - an international project, involving musicians from around the world (Mexico, Gambia, Canada).

The group also participated in stage projects such as "Senegal Meets Prague" (2006) in Ponec theatre, inspired by traditional African music and dance, and the theatrical performance "Fragments of Life" (2008). Yellow Sisters also holds regular workshops in voice and are open to purely improvisational evenings during which they experiment with their own music production and make up impromptu songs on the spot for the here and now, and which often involve their audience.

The group has three CDs to their credit. Singalana album (2006) was created after winning the competition at the festival Colours of Ostrava. Extraordinary response followed the recording of their second CD, Tubab Woman (2010), which was ranked in 7th place of Spin The Globe's Top 10 World Music Albums. Their most recent, colorful album Zvěřinec (Animal House) (2012) is dedicated to children and their adults.

Yellow Sisters offer 60-80 minutes of a varied program consisting of multi-genre original songs and improvisations, and a new children's show with songs from the album Zvěřinec (Animal House).

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