Miroslav Sekera

“From his hands emerge remarkable works with entirely new contours. Form, melodic line, harmony - all this disappears and there remains only sheer beauty in countless variations...”
(St. Thomas Source)

From the time director Milos Forman chased the child actor through sets on his Oscar-winning film Amadeus he was “due to his gifts in piano and violin” chosen to play a young Mozart. It has been three decades and Miroslav Sekera remains one of the most remarkable personalities of our young piano generation. His playing, which is characterized by a sense of color and uniqueness of expression, caught jurors of the International Johannes Brahms Competition in Portschach, Austria enough to take home the top prize in 2002. He had already gained awards at major competitions at home and abroad, such as the Fredrik Chopin Competition in Marienbad, his prize in the Academy of Performing Arts (Yamaha Scholarship), or his prize at the International Competition in Gaillard, France.

He has been playing the piano since he was three years old when his extraordinary talent was first discovered by an excellent teacher, Professor Zdena Janžurová. Alongside the piano, he began studying violin. Playing both instruments devotedly led to his acceptance at the Prague Conservatory, where he decided to focus his study solely on piano. He was accepted into the class of Professor Eva Boguniová. Throughout his studies, he also attended the class of Professor Martin Bally. He continued at the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, with the Associate Professor Miroslav Langer. He completed his studies in 1999 with the diploma of the most proficient student.
In 2006, he released a solo CD with Multisonic with the support of the Czech Music Foundation featuring works by Johannes Brahms, Domenico Scarlatti and Moritz Moszkovského.

For the contemporary Boston composer Joseph Sumner he recorded two CDs in the USA issued by the Albany Records record company. He regularly cooperates with Czech Radio.
In 2012, for the second time, he played as a soloist with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. He currently performs concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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