"Passion and power from the earth burnt by the sun."

Malambeando is a performance of unusual visual power and pure dance following the beat of the human heart. An energetic performance full of masculinity and strength, with a frantic pace and dramatic moments, is a mix of Argentinean tango and Malambo, the dance of the Argentina countryside, which has been danced in the local solitude of the desert landscape since the 17th century. A variety of other artistic movements (drumming, boleadoras) mixed with gentleness and dynamics also blend in the dance.

Two leading dancers and choreographers are behind this performance - Oscar Horacio Fernandez and Valverdi Nazarene, who came up with the idea to create a generous show, in which Argentina opens up both its heart and cultural heritage to the audience of the world.

This breathtaking performance places the highest demands on the dancers – impeccable posture, skilfulness, strength, agility and style, and it fills the audience with powerful emotions.

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